Instantly publish PDF and Word documents to web via Dropbox.

PageDrop takes PDF or Word documents stored in your Dropbox folder, and publishes them instantly to the web as browser-friendly HTML.


How it works

  • Sign-up for PageDrop using your Dropbox account
  • PageDrop will create a special folder in your Dropbox folder
  • Save or drag-and-drop documents in Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or PDF formats to the PageDrop folder
  • PageDrop will automatically convert the documents into fully-responsive HTML and publish them to the web
  • View the published documents by opening your PageDrop account URL in any browser!


  • PDF, Word and OpenOffice documents published automatically and instantly when added to Dropbox
  • Documents automatically converted to HTML for ease of viewing on web.
  • Fully responsive document styling for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Documents can be saved for offline viewing from mobile devices.

Premium Features:

  • Documents styled and branded with your company logo.
  • Restricted document areas with password protection for controlled access to published documents.
  • Publish documents under a custom domain name.

How it works


  • Publish documents to the web quickly and easily without any technical or specialist knowledge.
  • Edit and manage published documents using tools you’re already familiar with.
  • Distribute documents to remote workers in a mobile friendly format.
  • Provide easy offline access to published documents.

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